Saturday, 18 November 2017

Rick Crane ‎– "Fuji" (ICR ‎– ICR 15) 1983

Rick Crane's second cassette on ICR is the usual pleasant melodic electronica in the DIY Berlin School style as championed by Dave Jones, Carl Matthews and the like.
Its the kind of proto-new age music that is perfect for your landscape video's, or as background music in a Florists.
 Gentle, inoffensive stuff......if that sounds like an insult it's unintentional. There's definitely a talent to making  minimal melodic electronic music for ignoring.


A1 Rising Eastwards
A2 Fuji:Pillowbook Of Dreams
A3 Moondrawn
A4 Inner Struggle
B1 Fisher Of Souls
B2 Of Robots, Men And Zen
B3 The Shrine Of Harai

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