Thursday, 2 November 2017

Kiem ‎– "Kiem" (Plexus ‎– KMH 7090384) 1984

Kiem are similar in style to Niew Hip Stilen,apart from the fact that they came from Rotterdam too....their group name as an acronym explains their style adequately: "K.I.E.M." is an abbreviation of "Klank Improvisatie Elektronische Muziek" (Sound Improvisation Electronic Music).Cees Meurs'played an augmented metal drum-kit consisting of oil-drums,a garbage bin,an anvil,some anchor-chains and other remains from the wrecked tow-boat "Corrie".Accompanied by some free-jazz-ish saxophone (Ger Van Voorden), electronics and dutch acccented english vocals (Huub Kentie) result in a sound that might be pigeon-holed as industrial, but also has jazz and 'experimental' characteristics.
(Sorry for the edited cut'n'paste descriptions....can't be bothered this morning).
All I know is this is a great album by a rather good group who managed to combine all the best bits of the various genres they have welded together, to make something that is almost as good as the source(s) of their sound.

DOWNLOAD some dutch electro-industrial jazz HERE!


Anonymous said...

While you're busy mining the Dutch post-punk underground, I wonder if you have a record on Plurex by The Musical Janeens? They only existed for the one LP, but they sounded like a stoned "Metal Box" cover band that didn't bother to learn any of the songs. It's a lot of fun.

Anonymous said...

Ger van Voorden RIP

Jonny Zchivago said...

No Musical Janeens i'm sorry to say...they sound great......;they do however appear on 'a Bouquet of Steel' the sheffield compilation(on this blog) I assume they are from Sheffield.

Vaykorus said...