Monday, 6 November 2017

Nasmak ‎– "Indecent Exposure 5 & 6 (Only This Day And 77 Others)" ( Plurex Records ‎– C 022) 1982

Only another 80 tracks to go in this Dutch Post-Punk extravaganza!
For these 'White Album/Sandinista syndrome' moments that groups have from time to time, when they feel an irresistible urge to bung everything they do,no matter how shite, onto one album.One usually feels a similar impulse to say, "Would have made a great EP"; but on this occasion I feel that this would have made a great quadruple album.....which it essentially is already, so i'll shut up.
However it's more like the Beatles 'Anthology' rather than the 'White Album', because its full of different takes of the same songs,and works in progress......not that i'm comparing them with The Beatles of course....that would be silly wouldn't it?.....Nasmak are far better.


Indecent Exposure 5:
A1 F.M. Parade 1023
A2 Days 4
A3 Complicated Things
A4 Never Fool The P.A.-System
A5 Eyes 2
A6 Ne Me Quitte...
A7 I'll Never Do It Again In Hongkong 3
A8 2 Seconds Of The Flipside
A9 I Do 1
A10 Void 2 (Rehearsing 1981)
A11 Calypso Around The Clock
A12 I Do 2
A13 The Master Bait
A14 I'll Never Do It Again In Hongkong 4
A15 I Do 3
A16 Word
A17 Tudance 1
A18 I Didn't Do 1
A19 Vaseline Des Artistes (Rehearsing 1981)
A20 To Love The Fall In Djnepropetrowsk 2
A21 I Do 4
A22 Variations (2 Parts)
A23 Tudance 2 (2 Parts)
A24 I Do 5
B1 The Force Of Habit 2
B2 Roommates In Space Soundtrack
B3 I Didn't Do 2
B4 Beautiful Obscenery (Repeat Chorus 2) (Rehearsing 1981)
B5 Tudance 3
B6 I Didn't Do 3
B7 Birds (2 Parts)
B8 Fair 1 (2 Parts)
B9 I Didn't Do 4
B10 Origins And Whereabouts 3 (Crying)
B11 Labour
B12 I Do 6
B13 Cold Blood (Rehearsing 1981)
B14 Au 3
B15 Part V (Music For Movie "Do Not Title")
B16 Fair 2
B17 Ashes
B18 2nd
B19 Livin' Doll
B20 Sneak Through Any Window 2 (3 Parts)
B21 4th
B22 Now Minds Are Making New Cities
B23 Ich Liebe Dich
B24 Searching For One Hammer In Several Sheds

Indecent Exposure 6:
C1 Hobby Horse (Rehearsing 1981)
C2 Tudance 4
C3 Cocacola
C4 Stop
C5 F.M. Parade 1203
C6 F.M. Parade 1203
C7 Picture
C8 Other Places And Sea Sons (2 Parts)
C9 Won't Ye Com' Over (2 Parts)
C10 Lilly Marleen
C11 F.M. Parade 0123
C12 Tudance 5
C13 Team Spirit 2 (Why Talk Of - ) (Rehearsing 1981)
C14 Only This Day
C15 "Chocolat" 1
C16 Dead Slow 1 (Live 1981)
C17 F.M. Parade 1204
D1 F.M. Parade 1024 (4 Parts)
D2 I Do 7
D3 Before Being Born(e) (3 Parts)
D4 Better 1
D5 Soul
D6 Au Pair (Live 1981)
D7 A Shop
D8 Saw My Own Doubt Leaving
D9 Post
D10 Lilly Marleen
D11 Thank You
D12 "Chocolat" 2
D13 Announcement
D14 Inside Down 2 (Live 1981)
D15 4our Clicks (Live 1981)



icastico said...

really loving these. sorta Guided by Dutch Voices

Jonny Zchivago said...

yeah, then somehow they turned into a dutch Japan!