Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Truss + Instruments ‎– "79/80" (Self-Released C-60) 1980

Truus de Groot was in Dutch post-punkers Nasmak for a time, providing some electronic weirdness. She went on to do various stuff over the years, including this muddy electronic Industrial cassette.This tape was intended to be played in glorious Mono.Not recommended to listen to this on headphones in stereo, as everything is panned to the extreme right or left. For a ear damaged person like me it is most uncomfortable,and disorientating......but maybe that was her intention?.....Artists eh?

A1 Lucky Day
A2 Music-zak
A3 How?
A4 Herhalingen
A5 You're A Man
B1 Dance
B2 Untitledimprovisation X9
B3 So
B4 Stratego

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thousandfolded said...

This was the first Nasmak I ever heard and i still have a soft spot for it. Beyond the whole mono thing it's some cool electronic crackle and post-whatever goodness. Only in the late 1970's/early 1980's did you get stuff like this, and it was glorious while it lasted.