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Bill Nelson's Red Noise ‎– "Sound On Sound (+ Demos, Sessions, and Live Stuff.)" 1979

Bill Nelson hears XTC and Devo , then realises that 'Be Bop Deluxe'(His former Band) were shit and joins the rest of the UK in rejecting any music that existed before 1977.
So 'Red Noise' (The prog record company Harvest insisted on adding the prefix 'Bill Nelson's' for marketing purposes), was Bill's attempt to make music for the modern kids.
It Tanked of course, and many a bargain bin was littered with reams of Red Noise albums;which is where i bought mine....99p in Woolies. I played it and it was great,like a more 'herky' but less 'jerky' XTC.
Bill was also a champion of 'A Flock Of Seagulls' whom I also secretly dig as a very,very, guilty pleasure.
This was intended to be futuristic,like A Flock Of Seagulls' hairstyle, but quickly dated, and now sounds futuristic again in a retro-futurist stylee(unlike A Flock Of Seagulls' Hairstyle)...if you catch my drift.
As the last album I posted was also called 'Sound On Sound', and someone requested some 'live' Red Noise;it is my pleasure to offer this greatly expanded version of the album, including Demo's, Sessions, and Live's great,not good.


1 Don't Touch Me (I'm Electric) 1:51
2 For Young Moderns 4:25
3 Stop/Go/Stop 3:10
4 Furniture Music 3:32
5 Radar In My Heart 1:37
6 Stay Young 3:12
7 Out Of Touch 3:31
8 A Better Home In The Phantom Zone 4:27
9 Substitute Flesh 3:30
10 The Atom Age 3:02
11 Art/Empire/Industry 2:44
12 Revolt Into Style 3:24
Bonus Tracks (Singles & Sessions)
Furniture Music (HAR 5176) B-Sides

13 Wonder Toys That Last Forever 4:03
14 Acquitted By Mirrors 4:57
Revolt Into Style (12 HAR 5183) B-Sides
15 Stay Young (Live At Leicester De Montfort Hall) 3:01
16 Out Of Touch (Live At Leicester De Montfort Hall) 3:49

BBC In Concert 1979
17 Out Of Touch 3:48
18 Stop-Go-Stop 3:06
19 The Atom Age 3:03
20 Possession 2:06
21 Substitute Flesh 3:43
22 A Better Home In The Phantom Zone 4:58
23 Radar In My Heart 1:38
24 Art-Empire-Industry 3:01
25 Revolt Into Style 3:25
26 Stay Young 3:18
Peel Session (17th February 1979)
27 Stay Young 3:00
28 Furniture Music 3:39
29 Don't Touch Me (I'm Electric) 1:41
30 Out Of Touch 3:44

The Old Grey Whistle Test 1979
31 Don't Touch Me 1:41
32 Furniture Music 3:45
33 Stay Young 2:57
Demo's 1978:
34 The Atom Age 3:34
35 Furniture Music 3:27
36 Out Of Touch 3:37
37 Radar In My Heart 1:41
38 Revolt Into Style 3:33
39 Stay Young 3:25
40 Stop Go Stop 3:15
41 Substitute Flesh 3:53
42 That Way For Years 5:28
43 Waiting For The Night 4:10
44 A Better Home In The Phantom Zone 4:43
45 For Young Moderns 5:00
46 Acquitted By Mirrors 1:59


michael said...

Hahaha, I share this guilty flock of seagulls pleasure with you, Nick:D

Anonymous said...


Thank you!

rev.b said...

I remember being surrounded by Be Bop Deluxe fans back in the day, all the times thinking this record was w-a-y-better. BBD was only so much wallpaper to my ears.

pointless_walks said...

Agreed, better than any long player under the Be Bop Deluxe moniker, but they had some amazing moments too, like 'Jets At Dawn' for example, the single, which has an wonderful sci-fi short story atmosphere about it. The BBD Live In The Air Age LP is ace too imo. Thanks for this, Jonny! Fav track: Furniture Music.

Normnoia said...

AFOS haters goan scapegoat i mean hate... i stand by their first three brilliant albums. oh right, thanks for this!

Anonymous said...

Quit Dreaming... was my introduction to Bill's work - another bargain bin staple back in the early '80s - and I promptly worked my way backwards. Be Bop Deluxe have never done anything for me (believe me, I've tried...) but the Red Noise album is terrific and is still something I pluck off the shelf for a semi-regular listen nowadays.

Thanks for posting the demos, am REALLY looking forward to hearing those!

Anonymous said...


Bizango said...

Thank you! Kind of lukewarm on most BBD stuff, personally but this is white hot!

greg said...

Is it possible to just get a download of the Red Noise demos?