Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Nasmak ‎– "4our Clicks" (Plurex Records ‎– PLUREX 2300) 1982

By 1982, in the proper recording studio world, Nasmak were sliding remorselessly in the direction that was inhabited by the 'Futurists', aka the New Romantics!....the main instrument of torture that every self-respecting bass player was scrambling for in 1981/2 was the god awful 'fretless bass', and Nasmak were not innocent of this crime against music.
Leaving behind the lo-fi post-punk of their recent past,they slipped dangerously towards the sci-fantasy world of Classix Nouveaux territory with this one....although one has to say not anywhere near as brain damaging.
A Sylvian-less Japan is a less insulting comparison; something they would slip further towards for their next album 'Duel',which sounds like....well....er.... Japan, complete with a whinier David Sylvian-a-like. So, I won't be posting that one.
It strange how following technological advancements and fashion can lead to one becoming more stuck in a past epoch, even when one undoubtedly feels one is pushing forward.This album therefore,is far more dated than their earlier work.
Fretless Basses, gated snare drums,Classix Nouveaux records and FM digital synthesizers should be handed in along with any unregistered firearms to your local police station as soon as possible!


A1 Pilot In Charge 2:49
A2 Waiting Room 4:30
A3 I Hope I Am Gonna Rain Today 4:03
A4 Nothing But The Lyrics 3:29
A5 Sade M De 3:21
B1 Origins And Whereabouts 2:06
B2 No Touch And Go 4:35
B3 Take A Look 2:47
B4 Not Your Living Doll 3:12
B5 Nosedive 4:08
B6 4our Clicks 0:17


Anonymous said...

Any chance you can upload the Musical Janeens full LP. I really loved those guys and never knew why they were not at least a little bit popular with their post punk jamming style.

Jonny Zchivago said...

Haven't you asked me for that before?
The answer is still, no,i haven't got it.
But if anyone out there has it....etc?

Anonymous said...

Hey why all this hate on Classix Nouveaux? They were brave pilots of New Wave horizon, people with a vision! No need to be harsh to them, they should be remembered fondly!