Thursday, 23 November 2017

Carl Matthews ‎– "Call For World Saviours" (Mirage ‎– M 412) 1984

You could be forgiven for mistaking this for Testcard Music, or Library Music, or prime Das Kosmiche period Krautrock? One could go on, but this cassette could be all things to a lot of music minorities the world over , maybe even the musical saviour that the title so boldly is calling out for?.....The word 'Saviour', as is the case with 'Genius' is a word too often bandied about , and neither apply here. Its merely a good ambient/proto new age electronic record, which falls well short of that other over-reaching category 'the Masterpiece''s; but needless to say, in my humble opinion Carl Matthews' best release?
Which 'World Saviours' he is calling out for I'd hate to guess.
If the suggestion is a second coming scenario,I would be less inclined to even post it on here at all! Leave that to religious nutjobs and conspiracy theorists; who are in fact new-age religious nutjobs. 
'Project Blue Beam' is a particular conspiracy theory that the so-called 'Truthers' like to drop in any casual conversation about the fact don't get onto the subject of 'Weather' with a 'Truther', you'll be stuck all day with monologues about HAARP , 'Chemtrails' and using weather control as a weapon.
'Project Blue Beam' is the very made-up paranoid vision that NASA and the CIA are planning to fake a second coming of Christ to help create a unified and very controlled Christian Bloc(cue track 6, "Harmony Through Conflict"), to frighten the blue fuck out of rival religions, and those goddamn Athiests too!
If there's ever a soundtrack required for the 'Blue Beam' project then I would recommend this cassette to be played as the Hologram of 'your personal saviour' Jesus H. Christ, appears in the sky above your poxy little town. Watch him descend to perform miracles to track three ("Young Disciple"), and hear him preach world peace on the 'Grassy Knoll' in Dallas,accompanied by track four ("Sacred Word"), to a thronging mass of whooping Cowboys and Rednecks foaming with spittle, ready to Kiiiiiill fer Jeeeeesus.
This could easily be subverted into a warmly welcomed suicide cult by some snidey reprogramming of the software courtesy of any enlightened individual with half a brain cell. The whole of middle America, and below the mason-dixon line would be a mass grave, hopefully taking the dumber parts of both US coasts along with the fuckers.If Trump survives, his support base will have disappeared, and we can all live in real peace.....peace from Stupidity.
So maybe there could be a world saviour after all?......all Hail Human Stupidity!Amen?


A1 Be Like A Child 3:30
A2 Blessing 3:00
A3 Young Disciple 6:00
A4 Sacred Word 5:00
A5 City Hearts 4:00
B1 Harmony Through Conflict 5:30
B2 Harmony 2:00
B3 Burning Ground 4:00
B4 Approach 8:00
B5 Call For World Saviours 2:00


Anonymous said...

Well well well - at least my saviour for 2day which makes your post good enough to chime in and say: "Thank you, dear Blogger!"

anonymous no. 2

Jonny Zchivago said...

Paul Nagle (a similar twiddly synthy bloke to Carl Matthews) called this "a Strange and Pointless Review".......some people just don't get it do they?