Friday, 10 November 2017

André De Saint-Obin ‎– "Sound On Sound" (Ding Dong Records And Tapes ‎– ddc 003) 1982

Dutch bedroom artist with Rexox A77 remakes Bill Nelson's Red Noise, but without the catchy futuristic melodies.
André delivers a very dense electronic rock tape, full of retro-futurism  and processed voices. Its actually rather entertaining;but,as he used the same album title as Bill Nelson's doomed Red Noise project, this gives me an opportunity to link to some long promised Live Red Noise, as requested some months ago. 


A1 Introduction 3:45
A2 My Dirty Self 4:40
A3 Dance Till I Die 3:58
A4 My Burning Head 4:02
A5 Woman`s Talk 1:39
A6 Keine Zukunft 5:46
B1 Is It A Cop? 3:10
B2 Hey You 4:08
B3 I Got Plopmusic 2:56
B4 Suicide 4:12
B5 Desolation 2:44
B6 A Tempo Accel. 3:27
B7 $ 13 3:15

Download removed by request....see comments for link to buy the re-released version.


frans de waard said...

Would it be terribly rude to ask to remove the download? I only spend about 3000 euros to produce the LP/CD version of this, and of course LP is a very hip medium, but it sold terrible. So if you like this kind of tuff why not support me as a label, and Andre as an artist?

emuziek said...

I got plopmusikk. Bought a copy. Nice repress.