Thursday, 16 November 2017

Dave Jones ‎– "Second Attempt" (ICR ‎– ICR007) 1982

Not everyone took the Kraftwerk approach to the synthesiser you know? A plethora of medium length thinning haired bedroom nerds wanted to be Tangerine Dream.Which was now possible by 1980, as the price and size of the necessary equipment was rapidly reducing,and within range of your average 26 year old kosmiche musick fans and their warehouse job wage packets.
This stuff was far easier to make than it was for The Human League to produce 'Being Boiled'; a meandering structure using 'too many notes' rather than  using a carefully selected three note boot to the crotch.
Colin Potters Integrated Circuit Records was the natural home for this new wave of meandering fingers and knob twiddling.If Post Punk was the rebirth of Prog, this stuff displayed the grim reality that original prog had never really gone away, and Ironic that the DIY approach of Punk provided the very music that the 'punks' professed to despise with a vehicle for further existence.
This new lot of Klaus Schulz's never had the same interesting names as their Germanic forebears either.Rick Crane,Carl Matthews, George Garside, and Dave Jones, didn't have the same exotic allure of an Edgar Froese or a Dieter Moebius;but the music was a lo-fi and utterly homemade replication of those Krautrock legends.
So here's Dave Jones' second cassette release from 1982,and could easily have been used in Blade Runner or Chariots of Fire instead of Vangelis......again, it was the name that did for it.Who are you gonna choose, Vangelis or Jones?

A1 Black Mikado
A2 The Jade Temple
A3 Ro
A4 Necropolis
B1 Oh Prodigy
B2 G.F.I.
B3 Voyager
B4 Excerpt
B5 End Play

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Steve D said...

thanks 4 this Zchivago-Ilike your assessment of this era of UK 'electronica.'