Saturday, 5 August 2017

THEE AETHYR " Event Horizon " (Year Zero records YEAR 005) 2010

Yes, ENO was 'inspired' by Cluster, and ENO 'inspired' a flood of similar wanna be ENO's.If I was to be any musician in the pop universe, i would probably choose to be a Non-Musician, like our Brian. didn't wanna be left out, so here's my (j.Zchivago's)solitary attempt to make an 'Ambient record as Thee Aethyr, on Year Zero Records.
What's a blog for if you can't plug your own records to an unforgiving public/


1. A Martyr's Prayer
2. I.G.Farben
3. An Exorcism
4. Event Horizon
5. Thee Last Days
6. Waiting For last Year
7. The Stockholm Syndrome
8. We Are Not Here
9. We Can remember It For You
10.Thee Eternal

DOWNLOAD from the aethyr HERE!


Anonymous said...


Chris Sessions said...

Nice! Looking forward to checking this out!!!

Paul said...

You did a good job on this one. Definitely something I'll play again. I noticed the PKD references and E noticed thee spellings ov T.O.P.Y. Those were interests of mine as well.

Jonny Zchivago said...

Many thanks, its one of my own works that i play quite often.
Yep, I'm a 'Dick' head (as in PKD), and a passing interest in Magick as a youth led to the bad spelling.