Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Joy Division - "27th August 1979: Leigh Open Air Festival, also known as "Zoo Meets Factory Half Way" (Bootleg)

Well worth two quid was the August bank Holiday line-up for the Leigh Pop Festival in 1979.
The Joy Division set was, as usual, intense .Luckily most of it was recorded over the soundboard,and has a very immediate 'live' quality about it,with clunky bass and slightly distorted vocals.
The last couple of tracks are taken from an inferior audience recording of the same concert.
As ever,profoundly exciting.


01. Leaders Of Men
02. Colony
03. Insight
04. Digital
05. Dead Souls
06. Shadowplay
07. She's Lost Control

08. Transmission
09. Interzone
10. The Sound Of Music (incomplete)


Anonymous said...

Exceptional posts! Not a criticism this, don/t know if you know, but track 1, Leaders Of Men, is missing. Be nice to get the full show.
Superb posts, can't thank you enough.

Jonny Zchivago said...

I thought my file was smaller than expected,but didn't bother trying to find the missing track....just for you i will make the effort...hang on.

kingpossum said...

The quaint Letraset rub-on fonts used in the advertisement are priceless. Appropriately DIY and oh so 70s. Hearty thanks for the JD posts Mr. Z.