Thursday, 10 August 2017

Peter Hammill ‎– "pH7" (Charisma ‎– CAS 1146) 1979

PH7 is a good litmus test for the way I feel about a lot of Hammill solo works.Lyrically, of course, they are brilliant;But he struggles to get away from that Bad experimental Musical comparison.
The cover looks like this record must be part of a dystopian future of pop, but it could as easily have come from the dystopian past of pop too. There are a fair number of concept album filler ballads littered among a few tunes that post-punk kids might like;"Porton Down" for instance.And "Careering" may well have had its title lifted by John. Q Rotten for his "Metal Box" concept album later that same year.
One of his better albums, but ultimately his wordy lyrics, and stagy delivery tend to reduce the opportunity for the music to breath.Sometimes while listening to this LP, you just want ex-choirboy Peter to just SHUT UP! Maybe even Neutralised,like the backing has been?


My Favourite 2:50
Careering (Don't Ask Me) 4:00
Porton Down 3:35
Mirror Images 3:50
Handicap And Equality 4:00
Not For Keith 2:25
The Old School Tie 4:50
Time For A Change
Imperial Walls 5:00
Mr X (Gets Tense) 4:45
Faculty X 4:10


rev.b said...

Agreed, one of several 'better' ph albums. This one was a big deal for me in '79-'80.

rev.b said...

Hmm, I'm missing Faculty X, the last track..... I'll try again, but could you check?

rev.b said...

yep, missing the last track.