Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Peter Hammill ‎– "Patience" - (Naive Records ‎– NAVL 3) 1983

Surprise surprise, here's a few Peter Hammill solo albums from his vast canon.This one, Patience, is the one I like the best from his post-punk period.
It still sounds like VDGG with different drumming, keyboards and less Saxes;all replaced by a minimal rock group backing in a prog/post punk stylee.....which is surprising,or not, as everyone from VDGG are in the backing band.Oh, they're sooooo versatile those progressive rockers aren't they? 
The lack of mournful ballads like refugees from a Steven Sondheim  off-broadway musical is a major plus.


Labour Of Love 5:50
Film Noir 4:13
Just Good Friends 4:20
Jeunesse d'Orée 4:45
Traintime 4:23
Now More Than Ever 5:36
Comfortable? 4:52
Patient 6:11


rex said...

agreed! this was a great suprise when it came out. i liked "enter k" also.

parmalee said...

One of the few from the 80's I don't have--thanks! Haven't listened yet, but I trust your judgement. Though I suspect my favorites will remain Chameleon, Silent Corner, Camera, and Nadir. Hugh Banton is bar far the greatest organist of "rock," or whatever it is.

rev.b said...

I hadn't heard this one and I'm damn well floored by it, much stronger the any solo Hammill I know of post Enter K. I've heard Fireships, As Close As This, Out of Water, In A Foreign Town and a couple others, They're all good, but haven't been compelling enough for me to want to pursue further. However, if they're gems like this out there, any suggestions?