Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Joy Division (Warsaw) - "Live at the Rock Garden, Middlesbrough 14/09/1977" (Bootleg)

As my mind is addled due to recent tragic events, I'll do something unimaginative, and a trifle self-indulgent, by posting the thirty-odd Joy Division Live Bootlegs I have at my disposal. Starting, very logically with the only one I have from 1977......which was in fact a high quality soundboard recording of a 'Warsaw' gig in the incredibly grim city of Middlesbrough.
I first heard Joy Division on the "Live at the Electric Circus" compilation in early 1978.They performed as 'Warsaw' on the night,but were listed as Joy Division, and despite the rudimentary 'Punk' sound I was intrigued enough to buy the re-released version of "An Ideal For Living" ep, with the scaffolding sleeve.There was definitely some hidden intelligence behind the stupid 'Punk' facade,and potentially something unique. This was confirmed by the time they appeared on Fast Products' "Earcom 2" compilation in 1979.
Listening to them as Warsaw is like looking for the missing link between hominids and Homo Erectus. Somehow they evolved from  crawling on all fours ,in musical terms, to standing erect without any noticeable curve of transition. They just seemed to become Joy Division almost overnight.
Hearing Ian Curtis shouting like a Football Hooligan is laughable knowing now what an erudite and sensitive soul he was. It's hard to believe that this band would evolve during their short lifespan into something that would adorn the t-shirts of many vacuous celebrities in the 21st century,and still be a confirmed favourite of all doom laden teenagers everywhere.


1. Reaction
2. Inside The Line
3. Leaders Of Men
4. Novelty
5. At A Later Date
6. Tension
7. Kill
8. Lost


vootie said...

The transformation from Warsaw to Joy Division was, as you said, mind-boggling. I wonder how much it had to do with getting Stephen Morris behind the kit? Whatever it was, I'm grateful. I'm looking forward to hearing the shows you've collected.

You have a phenomenal site. I've had hours of reading and listening pleasure from it. Thank you.

Philip Johnson said...

Have you ever posted Wire's 1976 demos? Barely a hint of what they'd develop into.

Sorry to hear you're having a rough time. Do whatever helps.

Jonny Zchivago said...

Hi philip. yeah posted Wire demo;s...a similar transition...probably less powerful as Joy Division, but just as startling.

konrad said...

Jonny...if I can offer any help or support in what you are dealing with, you need only ask.

Next, I looked for the previous threads where we discussed such things, but apparently search only covers initial posts, not comments...yet, a thread on Joy Division seems most apt for sharing this, as it was new info to me.

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Gentile! How ironically apropos, given the proclivities of that dictum's followers. :)

Anonymous said...

An amazing post:
I live close to the Boro & was at this concert.
Never knew this recording existed.
Thank You so much for sharing...

Chris Sessions said...

Top notch as usual! Thanks so much Jonny!

Anonymous said...


For the Joy Division / Warsaw 1978 bootleg remastered, worth checking out.