Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Joy Division - "Eric's, Liverpool 11/08/1979" (Bootleg)

This one is the matinee performance for the 'kids' that Eric's kindly put on for the under 15's.
Apparently Ian Curtis had an epileptic fit during the evening performance, which probably would have traumatised some of the afternoon audience.Like a true 'pro' ,he only missed two numbers,and like true pro's, the band played on instrumentally until Ian could return to the stage, post-fit.
The bootleg is a good quality audience recording, and features our boys doing a rare version of Factory stablemates, Section 25's, "Dirty Disco".


01. Transmission
02. Dirty Disco
03. Disorder
04. New Dawn Fades
05. Glass
06. Shadowplay
07. Colony
08. Interzone
09. Ice Age (Incomplete)

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Terry, ex punk said...

Hi, just thought you might be interested. I taped the evening show, although it’s a bit poor quality, and yes Ian Curtis did miss a couple of numbers but came on at the end. I was at the side of the stage next to the drummer so got a real good view for once!