Thursday, 17 August 2017

Public Image Ltd. - "Futurama Sci-Fi Festival, Leeds 8th september, 1979" (Bootleg)

Post-punk's 'woodstock' was the 1979 Futurama Festival in Leeds,and the opening night was headlined by PiL, above such luminaries as Joy Division ,Cabaret Voltaire and a raft of nearly every other hip band of even had Hawkwind, despite them being more science fantasy in their outlook than science fiction.
PiL's performance had mixed reviews from brilliant to terrible,with Lydon spending most of the gig with his back to the audience.A stance I've always approved of. 
Wobble's outfit was an all white combination of socks, sandals and shorts,as if he was drafted in from Wham!'s 'Club Tropicana' video.
This band had a fantastically terrible attitude that matched the brilliance of their groundbreaking music. They had every right to put on a terrible performance; that's why they(PiL 1978-80) were always brilliant no matter what they did.


5.Public Image
7.Death disco
9.No Birds Do Sing

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