Thursday, 24 August 2017

Joy Division ‎– "Bowdon Vale Youth Club, Altringham 14.3.79" (Bootleg)

This well documented concert appearance was performed in what looked like, according the photographs, someone's living room. Bowden Vale Youth Club's wallpaper backdrop,seemed to suit the urban chic of Joy Division's music as much as the smog covered post-industrial wasteland that was nineteen seventies Manchester. Factory records and the IRA were to change that image,hopefully forever.

The boys were on top form on this occasion,and ,thankfully,were recorded in decent quality for posterity.
I wish my local yoof club put on gigs like this....but apparently it wasn't actually a Youth Club, but a social club organised by a local record shop owner bloke,who also put on gigs by The Red Krayola and Scritti polliti.
Joy Divisions sound was clearly designed and destined for large auditoriums,but it also suits any of size venue; what cannot be contained within any size room is the passion and intensity this group naturally put forth into this world.It's a poorer place without them.It pierces walls and taps into some kind of universal consciousness that touches us all.


1 She's Lost Control
2 Shadowplay
3 Leaders Of Men
4 Insight
5 Disorder
6 Glass
7 Digital
8 Ice Age
9 Warsaw
10 Transmission
11 I Remember Nothing
12 No Love Lost

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