Sunday, 27 August 2017

Joy Division - "The Factory,Manchester(13/07/1979)" (Bootleg)

Most of this gig at The Factory/Russell Club is available as a soundboard recording on the Heart and Soul box set.This high quality audience recording has the whole set for your perusal of Joy Division at the height of their considerable collective powers.


01. Dead Souls
02. The Only Mistake
03. Insight
04. Candidate
05. Wilderness
06. She's Lost Control
07. Shadowplay
08. Disorder
09. Interzone
10. Atrocity Exhibition
11. Novelty
12. Transmission


Sepulchrave said...

A brilliant series of JD bootlegs that just transformed me back to 1979 and the first few spine tingling times I heard Shadowplay. Now I can die and diy happy...

Chris Sessions said...

These rule, thanks!!!