Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Van Der Graaf Generator - "BBC Sessions (1968-1977)"

Ok, you've all obviously got every one of VDGG's brilliant albums?....yes?.... so here's their peel sessions for the BBC.
Apart from a couple of psych tinged tracks from a 1968 'Top Gear' session, there's plenty of sublimely dark prog on offer here.....all without a single electric guitar to be heard.It's also genuinely progressive music, rather than the 'regressive' rock of Yes and ELP,who looked back to classical music rather than try to move to the future. This is what I hope the young Lydon heard in this fantastic group.


1. People You Were Going To (Top Gear)
2. Afterwards (Top Gear)
3. Necromancer (Top Gear)
4. Darkness (Top Gear)
5. After The Flood (Top Gear)
6. Refugees (Peel Session)
7. Darkness (Peel session)
8. Scorched Earth (Peel session)
9. Sleepwalkers (Peel session)
10. Still Life (Peel Session)
11. La Rossa (Peel Session)
12. When She Comes (Peel Session
13. Masks (Peel Session)
14. Theme 1 (BBC Session)
15. Cat's Eye/Yellow Fever (Peel Session)
16. The Sphinx In The Face (Peel Session)

DOWNLOAD vdgg at the bbc HERE!


rev.b said...

Oh hell yeah! I'm pretty certain I've encountered some of this material before, but probably not all here and not this package. True, I think I have all the VdGG albums. I'm missing many Hammill solo albums from the 90's forward, but that's such a deep well I wouldn't submit a list unless you're offering. That said, many thanks for this one. Looking forward to listening.

The Editor said...

Hammill plays electric guitar on Masks

Jonny Zchivago said...

OK, there's some guitar on masks!!!!! Any comments on my spelling or grammer?

parmalee said...

So does anyone else ever line up all their live boot, radio show, tv, and studio verions of "Theme One" and play them all over and over again in a loop?

pointless_walks said...

nope. but I'll give it a try!