Tuesday, 21 June 2022

UT – "Ut" (Out Records – OUT R 01) 1984

Another early UT,again recorded at Cold Storage, ably assisted by Charles Bullen...he of This Heat....under the auspices of John Loder, who produced or provided technical expertise to a plethora of Punky Rocky types,most notably, from my point of view, Rudimentary Peni ;can't get better than that...so no surprise that he died before he turned 60.
Luckily I've never achieved anything as perfect as Rudi P or i'd only have 2 years to live!
Charles and John had a brave stab at recording UT,the result of which is this EP,and showcases UT's classic improvised No wave tunage. Discordant struming,a fine sounding muddy Bass,and a drum kit reduced to tribal toms without the Funk,no flim-flams or paradiddles here,just things being hit with sticks.


1 Sham Shack
2 This Bliss
3 New Colour
4 Exilee Goes Out


Unknown said...

Bette Davis and the Balconettes bud.

Jonny Zchivago said...

Indeed....i was gonna do a Medway sound thread,which i think Bette and her balconettes kinda fit into sonically. So may well appear here soon.