Thursday, 25 April 2019

Loren Mazzacane Connors, Jean-Marc Montera, Thurston Moore, Lee Ranaldo ‎– "MMMR" (Xeric ‎– x 99.5) 1997

Although the sight of the names of the two most prolific Sonic Yoof Bores emblazened across the cover would put anyone off this record, it's actually one of the better Mazzacane Connors collaborations.
The MMR vaccine scandal, in which one doctor said it gives your kids Autism, therfore no-one on the entire planet vaccinates their kids against anything anymore,has nothing to do with this record.But if you play it long enough to any 'Anti-Vaxxers', while forcing them to watch clear evidence that MMR has fuck all to do with Autism, it could well,potentially, save 1000's of kids lives every year. So this album is potentially an anti-MMR aural vaccine......lets call it the 'MMMR' vaccine.
Loren Mazzacane is probably over powered by the 'experimental tuning twins' Renaldo and Moore, so it's mo(o)re their album than his. Whereas Mazzacane's solo work is more Novacaine than Mazzacane, here we are treated to much scrapping and banging, and doubtless, the two eternal teenagers with record collections on the album, would have whipped out their drumsticks to abuse their wildly customised guitar collection,and show off to their avant garde chums.
The first track is the more tunful, and mannered of the three,and is ,by coincidence(not),the track where the Sonic Yoofs are strangely abscent!
I'm only jealous.....its a great record, and I love Sonic Youth really........I think!?
Lets ask John Fahey,Grammy award winner, guitarist, avant-folk legend from beyond the grave, what he thinks eh?

"This is great improvised music. It is beautiful and complex and, most importantly, it breathes. As good and as moving as anything you'll hear this year."
John Fahey

A1 Mazzacane Connors / Montera 11:11
A2 Mazzacane Connors / Montera / Moore 10:07
B  Mazzacane Connors / Montera / Moore / Ranaldo 20:35


Ian said...

The kind words from Mr. Fahey almost piques my interest. But download something involving the always risible Thurston Moore? Erm, still hesitant. Thanks for the post, Jonny.

kevinesse said...

yeah....i've been trying to force myself to download this for 2 days! gotta get over myself and plug my nose...all the other stuff of his you posted is so good