Monday, 28 May 2018

Jandek ‎– "What Was Out There Disappeared" (Corwood Industries ‎– Corwood 0799) 2009

It's that must mean......????
Yup, Jandek wants to fuck you up.
On this selection, the pied-piper of negativity leads our children into a world of permanent autumn, or is that autism?
If Jandek isn't on the Asperger side of the Autistic spectrum, I'll eat my record collection.
There's something in Jandek, I think, that most of us,who can bare to listen for more than 30 seconds, can identify with. I too have had my long periods of voluntary isolation.Awkwardness in the public arena.Expressing oneself through the medium of sound,whilst being so obscure ,its pointless making any product,......but whats that got to do with you lot? How dare you read this?......basically who gives a flying one?
In this episode of moaning and howling over a never-tuned guitar, playing ,seemingly, completely random notes; our Aspergers-chic troubadour, complains about going to 'Edinboro' ,and I don't blame him. Then threatens to stop taking photographs of fact, most of those hundreds of album cover photo's have obviously been taken by a third party.Did he ever tell us he was actually a loner, or am I reading between the lines?There was the mysterious chanteuse called Nancy who appeared on a few lp's in the 1980's after all? Is this an 'Outsider Rock'n'Roll swindle'?......not too keen to learn the truth, as I always prefer the myth to the bland reality. I don't wanna know who the Residents are! I don't wanna read about behind the scenes in the Trout Mask replica house! Or who 'Banksy' is!?....but the fucking Internet will make sure you find out. What is it about the Human character that craves turning everything colourful into magnolia woodchip wall paper,like a dog who rips its favourite ball to pieces. Who really would give a fuck if we ever found out what happened to the Marie Celeste's crew? Unsolvable mysteries are a human right that is being snatched away from us, along with everything else that makes life magical.
Jandek is one of those enigma's.
Yes,even after he started appearing in concert too.


1 Going To Edinburgh 8:14
2 Girls Wore Gowns 5:13
3 Will There Be No More Photos 14:30
4 Your Eyes 6:18
5 Broken Leaves 5:54
6 Jumping Off 5:23
7 Painstakingly Critical 4:39
8 Lucky Cat 7:03


Marc Plainguet said...

Thanks so much! I really look forward to Jandek Mondays.

Anonymous said...

Thank you! I love your uploads. Your misplaced apostrophes do drive me mad though. I am sure I will get over it. Thank you for this one!