Friday, 6 June 2014

Smegma ‎– "Glamour Girl 1941" (Los Angeles Free Music Society ‎– LAFMS#08) 1979

Another Los Angeles Free Music Society collective, again including Dennis Duck, among others, is the delightfully named Smegma.
They play a strange kind of deliberately aimless, meandering, kind of structureless improv Jazz Rock. Notes and half-formed melodies seem to appear as an afterthought in a cloud of exhaled weed smoke.Has the vibe of a 3am stoned jam session that whenever the participants stumble over anything structured, they stop and drift slowly off somewhere less palatable.
"I'm Not An Artist!", they exclaim; no real artist would exclaim anything else.


A1 Difference 3:49
A2 1980 A.R. (After Radiation) 7:21
A3 Prowing Nose 5:04
A4 Die Wo-Wo 1:32
B1 I Am Not Artist 6:04
B2 Ladies Nite At The "Ortho Lounge" 4:00
B3 Half A Billion 7:43

DOWNLOAD a smeggy glamour girl HERE!