Tuesday 16 August 2022

Anal Cunt – "I Like It When You Die" (Earache Records – MOSH 169 CD) 1997

It had to happen.....an anal Cunt CD from the age when no-one released a vinyl Lp,and no-one was 'woke'. The dark dark days of the late nineties.
Artwork(?), forget about it, lyrics(?), who cared anyway(?),tolerable surface noise,not with compact disc's maaan...scratch the fucker and its dead.However CD's were very good for that Glitch fad from the early noughties,y'know (author stifles yawn) Oval,and other boring fucking clever dicks like that.Either that or using them to make a novelty clock to win favor with a friend or potential lover.
Anal Cunt sounded like completely fucked CD's long before Wire Magazine excitedly discovered Blectum from Blechdom; and Anal Cunt were also funny without stooping to the two twats and a laptop option.This shit was done with the same instruments the Beatles used!?
The song titles,apart from being vaguely amusing, usually doubled up as the entire lyrics for the tune in question.Iambic pentameter it is most certainly NOT.
Replace the words 'Gary' and 'Numan' from the following piece of constructive criticism last seen in a 1980 copy of Sounds with 'Anal' and 'Cunt',and you may get an idea of the far-reaching influence of this potty mouthed combo:
"Gary Numan (Anal Cunt) has managed to do for music what the Chimpanzee has done for William Shakespeare" (Sounds 1980-ish).
Scanning through the titles one can't help noticing the abundance of profound descriptions of the human condition in three words or less.
It's like Putnam is talking about me!?
You've Got No Friends,You're Old (Fuck You),Ha Ha, Your Wife Left You,You Got Date Raped,are devastatingly reflective...except maybe the date rape one.
Then we have the insightful: Pottery's Gay;Your Kid Is Deformed,Recycling Is Gay, and Windchimes are definitely Gay!?
And the whole French race is adequately summed up by "Your Favorite Band Is Supertramp"
Myself being an ex-european (I'm now British),there are spurious references to colloquial celebrities,of whom I know nothing except for Richard 'President Gas' Butler,who grew up a few junctions of the M1 south away from myself.
This album and concept,on the whole is a challenging work of Art that belongs in a pretentious gallery in East London......but to Seth Putnam that would be far too gay for him.
He died of a heart attack about a decade ago,which, in reference to the album title,gains a new sense of Irony which which one should find enjoyable.Maybe even funny?
I liked it when you died Seth Putnam.......but isn't dying a bit...er...Gay?


1 Jack Kevorkian Is Cool 0:40
2 Valujet 1:28
3 You've Got No Friends 1:12
4 You Keep A Diary 1:12
5 You Own A Store 0:37
6 You Got Date Raped 0:49
7 Recycling Is Gay 0:36
8 You're A Cop 1:50
9 You Can't Shut Up 0:18
10 You've Got Cancer 0:30
11 We Just Disagree 0:32
12 Hungry Hungry Hippos 0:18
13 You Are An Interior Decorator 0:51
14 Pottery's Gay 0:39
15 Rich Goyette Is Gay 0:53
16 Branscombe Richmond 1:35
17 You Live In Allston 0:53
18 You Are A Food Critic 0:54
19 Just The Two Of Us 0:27
20 Your Band's In The Cut-Out Bin 1:10
21 You're Gay 0:37
22 You Look Adopted 1:17
23 Your Cousin Is George Lynch 0:10
24 You Have Goals 0:22
25 You Drive An Iroc 0:55
26 You Play On A Softball Team 0:57
27 Because You're Old 0:45
28 You Sell Cologne 0:30
29 Being A Cobbler Is Dumb 0:27
30 You Live In A Houseboat 0:45
31 Richard Butler 1:32
32 311 Sucks 0:39
33 Your Kid Is Deformed 0:40
34 You Are An Orphan 1:05
35 You're Old (Fuck You) 0:12
36 You Go To Art School 0:55
37 Your Best Friend Is You 0:53
38 You're In A Coma 1:18
39 Windchimes Are Gay 0:10
40 No,We Don't Want To Do A Split Seven Inch With Your Stupid Fucking Band 0:28
41 René Auberjonois 0:40
42 The Internet Is Gay 0:25
43 Ha Ha, Your Wife Left You 1:11
44 Hootie And The Blowfish 0:38
45 You Went To See Dishwalla And Everclear (You're Gay) 0:22
46 Locking Drop Dead In McDonalds 0:20
47 Technology's Gay 0:25
48 Your Favorite Band Is Supertramp 0:37
49 I'm In A.C. 0:20
50 You (Fill In The Blank) 0:26
51 Kyle From Incantation Has A Mustache 4:10
52 Bonus Track #3 0:09


Pigfoot said...

Perhaps you could post some Jerry Sadowitz and then you'd really be surfing the zeitgeist

capitão sensível said...

ah, and don't forget one of their hits (?) "hitler was a sensitive man"...

Jonny Zchivago said...

I'm still trying to erase Sadowitz appearing in that Shamen Video!

Jonny Zchivago said...

Indeed, Anal Cunt did have the talent of stating the obvious.

rev.b said...

Music to wash your car by.

nostromo74 said...

Seth, a man of action...

parmalee said...

Now it creeps me out when I see people I know consorting with Seth--I mean, surely they were unawares as to the "white power" shit? For my own peace of mind, I'm gonna say, yeah, they were totally unaware. C'mon, they're vegan (which hardly precludes being a nazi, but whatever).

Kinda like when Imogen Poots got that neo-nazi girl haircut --https://www.slashfilm.com/img/gallery/exclusive-green-room-clip/intro-import.webp -- for the movie Green Room, and then she just kinda let it grow out afterwards rather than changing it. I mean, surely?... And why is it kinda hot? Feel like some of my biology oughta have a natural aversion to that, lest it's a self-loathing thing.

Jeff said...

Seth Putnam: the Wesley Willis of grindcore.

Jonny Zchivago said...

A new Genre in the offing here maybe?"Outsider Grind Hatecore"