Saturday, 26 November 2016

Man's Hate - "Raiders of the Stolen Hearts" (Man's Hate Productions) 1987

More Hate, this time it's Man's Hate, which seems to predominate over Women's Hate. Men are pre-programmed ,genetically, to Hate his enemies. Purely a Darwinian response, but a Response that fucks up life for everyone.
Now,.... 'Man's Hate' the DIY Punk  overcoat for Andy Xport from Peterborough, is largely concerned with animal rights and 'why don't we just all get on(?)' kind of politics that were particularly popular with the Anarcho-punk set in the mid-eighties.
Naturally, I agree with everything he says, because i'm about the same age, come from the East Midlands(UK), made the same kind of DIY tuneful Punk on a portastudio in the eighties, and apparently we were both at the Clash's 1978 'On Parole Tour' gig at Granby Halls in Leicester.
The tunes have that charming naivety of the young person trying to make 'proper music'. I fell into this trap too when i got my hands on a Tascam Porta studio.Instead of being inventive I ended up making proper songs, with amateurish melodies.....just like my fav New Wave bands. When all I had were two stereo cassette recorders and no instruments I made much better non-tunes indeed.(Check out the 'best' of my own decent into portastudio hell HERE!)
Instead of capturing the DIY sound of the pre-portastudio era, this stuff sounds almost listenable for the 'normals'. It sounds like he has 'Ambition'!!!!???......a filthy word in the DIY community.
It kinda reminds me of the tuneful end of Anarcho-Punk, like a less smart-arse 'Zounds' or 'The Mob ', who I have grown to like over the last thirty years, So i may grow to like this too, for it does have its undoubted charm, especially the direct injected lead guitar lines.
This is what happened to 'The Prats' after they grew up, a living embodiment of the Picasso quote about children trying to paint like adults, and ending up with something not as good as either.

Track Listing:

DOWNLOAD a male kind of hate HERE!

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