Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Fabulous Poodles ‎– "Think Pink" (Blueprint ‎– BLUP 5001) 1979

The third and final album from proto-new wave pub band, The Fabulous Poodles.Probably their best, but not good enough for it to save them from pop music oblivion.


Man With Money 2:32
Bionic Man 4:31
Any Port In The Storm 2:43
(Hollywood) Dragnet 4:22 (mp3- missing track from the file)
Bike Blood 3:30
Cossack Cowboy 4:11
Anna Rexia 2:57
You Woudn't Listen 3:12
Suicide Bridge 3:37
Pink City Twist 2:22
Vampire Rock 3:38


lube carnal said...

When ia the nostalgia deathwave of posts going to end?...maybe you can get back to posting good music again.

Jonny Zchivago said...

Not sure if you've noticed Lube, but this entire blog is a deathwave of nostalgia. Some more obscure than others.
If you mean the pub rock stuff, its nearly done, just a week to go, then i'll return to the cassettes.If thats good music or not...its all subjective. Personally if i hear another Industrial tape again i may kill someone.....but i will figure a way round it.

Paulo X said...

Hey Jonny!

Thanks! However, "Dragnet" seems to be missing... I'm not complaining, just to let you know...

Jonny Zchivago said...

ah....just testing....i've added the missing tune as a separate download now...just click the title in the track listing.

Paulo X said...

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to download the file. Thanks for the effort, anyway!