Friday, 25 September 2020

Earth Dies Burning ‎– "Songs From The Valley Of The Bored Teenager (1981-1984)" (Captured Tracks ‎– CT-180)


Los Angeles gave us many things;some truly terrible singer-songwriters,some really quite good singer-songwriters(manily from Canada it has to be said),recreational cocaine abuse for the common man,cop-killing,some half-decent post-punk punk groups, the Los Angeles Free Music Society(LAFMS), Captain Beefheart,and.....Synth Punk!
Starting with the very great 'Screamers',it never really caught on,but Brad Laner was there at the begining as a teenager,with Nervous Gender, and after that came 'Earth Dies Burning'.
Mr Laner has been in nearly all the greatest LA Bands, like Steaming Coils, Three Day Stubble,Severed Head In A Bag to name but a few; as well as an integral member of the LAFMS.
'The Earth Dies Burning',is certainly a fine example of how to use Technology,which is, basically, take the instruction manual and burn the fucker.And also, they did a rare example of a PiL cover version!?.."The Flowers of Romance".So that automatically makes this a fantastic record does it not? should be saying 'Yes Jonny'!?


1.Bored Teenager 0:55
2.Duck And Cover 0:39
3.Another Six Year Old 2:21
4.60 Minutes 0:36
5.Bowling For Food 1:39
6.Soaps 1:22
7.True Lovers Of Crime Anthem 1:51
8.Fish Sticks 1:22
9.Interlude 1:51
10.Haiti 1:17
11.Falwell Youth 1:09
12.Vegetables 1:34
13.America America 2:14
14.Pork Yogurt (Studio) 0:41
15.60 Minutes (Studio) 0:19
16.Another Six Year Old (Studio) 1:08
17.Mystery Bedroom Song 1:45
18.The Flowers Of Romance 2:19
19.The Safety Dance (Live At Bebop) 1:29
20.Disco Heroin (Live At Lhasa Club) 2:05
21.Power To The People (Live At Anticlub) 1:23
22.Pork Yogurt (Live At Anticlub)
23.60 Minutes / Duck And Cover (Live At Anticlub) 0:46
24.Psychotic Reaction /Kill The Fascists!(Studio/Live At Anticlub) 07:05


MrDave said...

"Yes, Johnny."

MrDave said...

errrr .... "Jonny" that is -- sorry about that!

kevinesse said...

Thanks for this! Do you 'german shepherds?'......cuz if you don't, I think you might just blow sperm all over the continent once you hear them. With joy I mean.

badgerstump said...
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Jonny Zchivago said...

Woe,sour grapes is very much detected, i suppose we could have let you win? I dunnp,you millionaire types???scheeech.

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Thats it dude! I'm going to write from the L.A. side and tell you how we view it all from here. What did homie say above? Why you gotta scare people away with your brute side always? You need a nap Jonny. Grouch.

Jonny Zchivago said...

Oh Him?...the Bleak Bliss bloke...he was just complaining how Leicester City(my best team) thrashed his fav footy team, Manchester (we bought our success) City..2-5.....accusing us of just defending???? do you score five goals 'just defending?' i'd like to know...then obviously embarassed he deleted his rather silly comment...mine stays of where's my special blue pillow?