Thursday, 17 September 2020

Various Artists - "Here's The Shit!" (Greenwich Performance Collective) 1984


Those wacky chaps at the Greenwich Performance Collective were at it again in 1984 with more classic DIY tchoons from all our favourites.
Cancer Club return with another minimal synth masterpiece that could have been a 'Hit' but is content with just being the 'shit',as are we all?
The 'Well Known Wankers' scum up our current political situation nicely with "Government Scum", and 'Your Heterosexual Violence' return with an attempt at sensitive songwriting.....did they ever make an album?...dunno, but, they are on Bandcamp incredibly!?
'Psyco Psyco' are a new GPC act that didn't appear on "Dennis",with the Post-Punk anti-war classic "Headstrong Big War", and the 'Bulbous Skunk Cabbages' show that not only can your bandname finish your career, your songs can too.
But that's not the point is it? Careers are for the others,as are profits too.This selection displays all the lack of ambition, lack of professionalism, and lack of commerciality of a pure independant soul. Property is theft, but sharing isn't.



Anonymous said...

Ahh those were the days - GPC put on amazing gigs at what was Thames Poly in Woolwich. All the greats played there: Buzzcocks, Slits, Patrick Fitzgerald, Penetration, The Suburban Studs (Ha!).
Partly responsible for The Locusts Sun is Shinning (shining shurely), but is it far better than the Lost Fight track on From Bromley With Love ( compilation - where as you rightly suggested - we all played something completely different? Nope,'shinning' had four chords and a riff, Lost Fight had just one (E) - and with that E we could improvise!
Heady days on the dole in our squats dreaming of revolutions - feel sorry for the youth today - we never had it so good?
Pity that part of South London was also a racist homophobic shit hole - but then again, maybe it still is?
Uncomfortably Bourgeois.
PS Love the site and your commentaries

Free Downloads and STFU said...

I just took a big ol' doog and will now download this turd.

pointless_walks said...

There's a whole set from Your Heterosexual Violence to d/l here on soundcloud I notice.Live at the Greenwich Performance Collective re-union "Not Weird Enough!" - The Amersham Arms, New Cross, South London - December 15th 2013:


Anonymous said...

Am I a robot? perhaps not... this one brings back memories of scuba diving in loch ness. i lost my wedding ring on the last dive. top track in bandcamp fashion - protest song... cover version of said song by the astronauts.

Dave said...

The GPC was an interesting thing happening, musically, in Woolwich. Or should say the only group of people willing to help and promote local no-hopers such as ourselves. Fortunately they had a grant from Greenwich Council so could afford to hire venues with a decent PA and put out cassette compilations. Obviously no 'star names' emerged but it was a good vibe and a great experience. I went on to book indie pop bands in the Deptford Fountain bolstered with the GPC enthusiasm that putting on DIY gigs wasn't that hard. Great weekly meetings at the Clockhouse community centre at Woolwich Dockyard. A bit heavy on the dope smoking drop-out vibe overall which made things a little too laid back for two or three of the more ambitious and forward thinking groups (yes some of them were ambitious to a certain degree). Good times, very much of the times. Characters like Donald Pearl are greatly missed.

Dave, Adventures in Colour & Soundhouse.

Dave said...

I agree with the above entry in regards to the GPC's enthusiasm.

I was at the meeting were we were asked to choose the cassette name, and, I'm afraid, I was the one that came up the that title. I came along with my friends' band (State Hate) to that meeting. In the end, other friends of mine (from vapours bands) and I put together a one off track for this tape under the name Well Known Wankers. I was the one who made our recording, but sadly, I don't have a copy of our orginal recording I made for our band, or a copy of this tape.

Dave JC (Well Known Wankers).