Sunday, 16 February 2020

The Dial-A-Poem Poets – "Totally Corrupt" (Giorno Poetry Systems ‎– GPS 008-009) 1976

Don't you just love these album covers?
On this one we got Giorno, Burroughs, Waldman, Allen Ginsberg, and John Cage sitting in business attire at a boardroom-style table.Like a tongue firmly in cheek version of the 'Boards and Goverments of the World concluding their filthy deals to sell out the unborn forever',as Burroughs wrote in the classic poem "Last Words of Hassan Sabbah".
Except the deal isn't quite as filthy,other than the frequently 'filthy' language that some of this subversive poetry sends forth into the ether.
This comes from a golden age when the world was fresh from the virtual censorship of the fifties,to an age where you could say virtually anything you wanted. This freedom is gradually being reversed from both a liberal and a conservative angle.The liberal side of this nu-censorship,and the most insideous,is the constant drive to 'not offend'.Just today Mark CockZuckerberg said there must be "rules on harmful content" on the this Hologram,and or his clones,(I'm sure he's a fake human,with fake emotions running a fake personal information gathering corporation) taking the piss? There's nothing more harmful than the tsunami of Lies allowed to stand as fact on his/its anti-freedom through a falsely percieved conceptual freedom digital sewer of a web address. Should be shut down in the morning and a not for profit alternative set up the next day......without compensation. Then we have the problem of who fact checks the fact checker? two words,it's "TOTALLY CORRUPT!".
Then tere's the argument that this liberalism is in fact a deliberately proffered Inverted conservatism,which one can't rule out.We live in an era where we can't tell our arse from a hole in the ground.I can't tell if that's a deliberate strategy to divide any possible opposition or not, because...I Can't tell the difference between my arse and a hole in the ground.
Again I'm not in a position to argue this case,which is becoming similar to arguing for or against the existence of God, but i'm almost certain,and thats as good as it gets, that God doesn't exist, and that the new era of repression by information cancelling alternative truths probably does exist.Its a classic Burroughsian data Control scenario.Like playing recordings of Gunshots in a riot as a cop witnesses his buddy go down. As agent provocateurs rile up the crowds."They're firing at us!"
Result....we get Trump, we get Brexit,we get democratically elected Dictators.
The sad thing this isn't paranoia,it's just that we've all been spammed into a new dark age of Ignorance!And it's this new 'Freedom' thats done it to us.
We should have listened to the Dial-A-Poem Poets the first time its too late.Its just nostalgia.


A1 –Charles Bukowski - Cloud Nine, I Live In A Neighborhood Of Murderers, Two Horse Collars 3:09
A2 –Ed Dorn - Excerpts From "Gunslinger, Book 4" 3:48
A3 –William S. Burroughs - When Did I Stop Wanting To Be President 7:07
A4 –Sylvia Plath - Daddy 3:43
A5 –John Giorno - Excerpts From "Shit, Piss, Blood, Pus & Brains" 8:03
A6 –Michael McClure - Jaguar Sky : There's Cruelty In Every Jewel 0:44
A7 –Michael Brownstein - Jet Set Melodrama 2:36
A8 –Jackie Curtis - You Are My Lucky Star 2:18
B1 –Ed Sanders - This Is The Age Of Investigation Poetry And Every Citizen Must Investigate 5:50
B2 –Charles Bukowski - Christ, You'll Never Know, The Closing Of The Topless And Bottomless Bars 4:45
B3 –Anne Waldman - Some Small Fires 4:06
B4 –Imamu Amiri Baraka - Hard Facts: Rockefeller's Your Vice-President And Your Mama Don't Wear No Draws, A New Reality Is Better Than A New Movie 3:37
B5 –Erica Huggins - For A Woman 0:59
B6 –Ken Kesey - A Brief Discourse 5:04
B7 –Jackson Mac Low Excerpt From "Guru, Guru, Gate" 2:05
B8 –Charles Amirkhanian - Mushrooms (For John Cage) 4:58
C1 –William Carlos Williams - The Yellow Flower (From Pictures From Brueghel And Other Poems) 3:02
C2 –Allen Ginsberg - Please Master 4:40
C3 –Imamu Amiri Baraka - Hard Facts: New York Is Everywhere Big 1:58
C4 –Frank O'Hara - To The Film Industry In Crisis
Piano – Jane Freilicher, John Gruen - 3:50
C5 –Taylor Mead - I Was In A Drugstore 3:33
C6 –Jackie Curtis - The All-American Vampire Or How The Bee Sucks 3:36
C7 –Jack Spicer - The Holy Grail: The Boof Of The Death Of Arthur 5:14
C8 –John Cage - Song, Derived From The Joiurnal Of Henry David Thoreau 6:30
D1 –Tom Weatherly - Mud Water Shango, Blues For Frank Swooton 1:42
D2 –Joanne Kyger - In All This Everyday 3:31
D3 –Charles Olson - Letter 27: Maximus To Gloucester 3:15
D4 –W. S. Merwin - Fear 5:23
D5 –Maureen Owen - When You're Down And Under 1:02
D6 –Jerome Rothenberg - The Opening Of The Horse Song, Number Eleven, A Total Translation From The Navajo 2:10
D7 –Ted Berrigan - Today In Ann Arbor 2:59
D8 –Susan Howe - There Is No Good On Earth And Sin Is But A Name 1:00
D9 –Rochelle Owens - Excerpt From "The Joe Chronicles, Part 2" 2:25
D10 –Bill Knott - Corpse And Beans 0:30
D11 –Tony Towle - New York Letters 1:25
D12 –Bernard Heidsieck - Stratimelo 2:00
D13 –Peter Orlovsky - Compost Piles 3:49

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chuck said...

The link is corrupt! :)

Jonny Zchivago said...

Stop spreading alternative facts Chuck!

The link is now TOTALLY uncorrupted ;)

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Anonymous said...

Mark Cockzuckerberg, good one! I always call him Fuck-a-turd but it hasn't caught on beyond me yet ;-)

Anonymous said...

I never thought the Beats were much cop. And listening to this confirms me in that view. The standout readings on here are by Bukowski. He was never really a Beat. Real pain. Real poignancy. Real perception.

Anonymous said...

Actually the best track is by William Carlos Williams. Thanks.

snoopy said...

Mark Cockzuckerberg is a right-wing, drumpf-supporting nazi, nothing liberal about him whatsoever. Psychopaths of a feather.

Solus said...

This seems to have been taken down.

Jonny Zchivago said...

@ solus....Not taken down, just on Mediafire.You have to try to download more than once so they can tempt you to go shopping on Amazon. Two goes wins the prize.