Friday, 28 February 2020

Charles Amirkhanian ‎– "Mental Radio: Nine Text-Sound Compositions" (Composers Recordings Inc. -CRI SD 523) 1985

 I knew you couldn't get enough Text Sound Compositions,so here's nine more.
Includes the moment Charles got his hands on a sampler (1982),then did what everybody did,him being a groundbreaking composer,and sampled a Dog's bark.Probably straight after sampling a belch. An act so unimaginative that its almost Avant garde in itself.As he's a qualified composer,with certificates and stuff, musicianly acts that people like us would do in our down time from work...real work that is....would be dismissed as silly popularist rubbish.....but if a qualified Music lecturer and certified composer did it...its avant garde innit?


Church Car 2:55
Dot Bunch 5:35
Dog Of Stravinsky 3:21
Hypothetical Moments 5:31
Maroa 5:10
The Putts 5:18
Dreams Freud Dreamed 5:31
Andas 6:45
History Of Collage 4:45

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