Saturday, 1 February 2020

Cornelius Cardew and the Peoples Liberation Music Band ‎– "Consciously" (Musicnow ‎– MNCD009) 2006

Nothing frightens me more than the prospect of being ruled by.... "The People"!!!
The horrors that can be unleashed when you let the animals take over the farm are well documented in George Orwell novels and in history.
Its almost as fightening a prospect as being patronised by the righteous leftist propaganda as clearly enunciated by Cornelius Cardew and his irritating pinko chums in the Peoples Liberation Music Band.
Of course they're right?....aren't they? It's just that 99% of the world don't want what they're preaching;but does that stop them ?....Nah!...'they (as in 'we')will come round to our way of thinking ,one way or another!?'
"The People" may be stupid,but not so stupid as to want to be ruled by would be a sadistic, bitter, bloodbath of revenge and prejudice,and likely lead to the end of civilisation as we know it.
Its interesting to know if Cardew and comrades,who seem obsessed about the 'workers',whether they actually worked in these terrible jobs themselves,or at all? I know that Cardew at least had the hardest of cruel enslavements, that of.....gulp!....'neo-classical composer'. Its hard to believe that he had the time and energy left to volunteer to help rescue us simple folk from beneath the yoke of capitalism.We most certainly are NOT worthy and thank you from the very bottom of this scumbags working class heart,you shouldn't,you REALLY, shouldn't have!
What a waste of a fine musician.
He was already changing the world through his groundbreaking music with Scratch Orchestra and AMM,before all this awful soapbox rock nonsense.Did he really think that anyone who didn't already think this way was gonna be converted by, never mind listen to, this cringingly preachy insipid muzak?...The Pop Group this was not.
This is also definitive proof that MI5 or the CIA never bumped him off, because he was doing them a fine service in turning the Communist message into a joke.Maybe he was a double agent,like most public schoolboys were in the Cold War era.It was more likely the Soviets killed him than our own despicable bunch of posh hitmen. The bookies have now stopped taking bets on  the 'Hit and Run' option.
Having said that,this second album of Liberation Music is of a rather higher quality than the "We Only Want The Earth" disc before this. Its still jaw droppingly funny,and awwwww,it has something adorable about it that i can't quite put my finger on.....the eject button maybe?


1 Consciously
2 The Spirit Of Cable Street
3 We People
4 Solidarity Song
5 Bold Fenian Men
6 Join In The Fight
7 Take Up The Fight
8 Himno De Riego
9 We're Not Afraid
10 Golden Mountain In Beijing
11 The Blackleg Miner
12 Mr. Media Man
13 Fight The Cuts
14 The Lords Of Labour
15 Crippin' Blows
16 The Worker's Song
17 Hammer Of The Working Class
18 People Of St. Pauls, Bristol
19 In Imperialist Wars
20 Song For The British Working Class
21 The Workers Of Ontario
22 Montreal Textile Worker
23 The Dream Of The Generation
24 There You Will Find My Bones
25 Song Of The Cyub
26 Founding Of The Party
27 We Sing For The Future

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Tim 'Space Debris' said...

I find it rather curious and quite perplexing that you can call yourself a proud communist on the internet without anyone raising an eyebrow. Many more people have died under communism rule than under nazis whose numbers are lagging way behind. Is it just that anti-nazis have better at PR than anti-communists?