Saturday, 15 February 2020

The Dial-A-Poem Poets ‎– "Sugar, Alcohol, & Meat " (Giorno Poetry Systems ‎– GPS 018/019) 1980

I don't know which one is Sugar,Alcohol,or Meat,but the writers pictured on the cover are ready for a cosy evening of Poetry Roulette. Set your MP3 player to shuffle and see what pops up. Some you win, some you lose,but unlike a real gambling establishment you win more than you lose.One turn you get Patti Smith.....lose.....the next you get Kathy Acker.....a win.
I suppose ,if one was to assign each poet one of the three coping mechanisms for modern livin',John Ashbery,bottom right,would be Alcohol,as he looks like an alcoholic;Giorno would be Sugar,because there's far too much of it;and lastly, Burroughs would be the Meat,for obvious reasons,as thats what he writes about.The meat on your fork and where it came from and where it's going.
The modern epidemic of crypto veganism is,of course very concerned with the subject of Meat,but in a very different way to the Burroughsian slant.For the modern 'Vegan',in inverted commas,seem to be more concerned with moral oneupmanship,than actually giving a shit about animals in general,outside of the cute and cuddly pet angle. The latest thing is how they are, in fact, saving the planet.
Not eating meat means less cows farting out greenhouse gases,means more room for the blight of Soya crops for Human consumption.....which is virtually organic tarmacing,and doesn't recognise the mass extinction problem that the globe faces;and they still drive,fly,buy tofu in plastic packages,and fart more because of their veggie diet.
So the Vegan's Naked Lunch,is the moment that they realise whats on the end of their fork,and the facts that they are Iron deficient,B12 lacking,essential Amino Acid less Extinction enabling fellow polluters,who are desperate to justify their,admittedly, free choice to be on a higher plain,looking down on vegetarians,omnivores(humans),and Carnivores (their animal chums),and proclaim this at every opportunity and puff out their chests with pride and superiority. Then they don't understand why they get such bad press? 
As a shunned Vegetarian/Flexitarian,i have no problem with Veganism,just do it quietly and stop kidding yourselves that you're now saving the planet.....we should all be sooooo grateful,Thank you all.
PS we're DOOOOMED anyway.


A1 –Peter Gordon - Extract From "External Niceties"
A2 –John Giorno - I Resign Myself To Being Here
A3-I –John Cage - Alex & Gretchen Corazzo
A3-II –John Cage - The 6th Patriach Of Zen Buddhism
A3-III –John Cage - Once I Was Visiting My Aunt Marge
A3-IV –John Cage - Dorothy Invited Me
A3-V –John Cage - One Of Suzuki's
A4 –Tom Carey - Good Night Irene
A5-I –Andreí Vosnesensky - I Am Goya
A5-II –Andreí Vosnesensky - Song Of Moscow Ancient Church Bells
B1 –Miguel Pinero - New York City Hard Times Blues
B2 –Miguel Algarin - Setenta Y Cinco Abriles
B3 –Mitchelle Kreigman - In The Bathtub
B4 –William S. Burroughs - The Intolerable Kid On The Nova Lark (From Nova Express)
B5 –William S. Burroughs Jr. - Translucent Boy, An Excellent Time, & For Neal Cassidy
B6 –Charlie Morrow - O Yeh - Don't Die
B7 –Ted Berrigan - To Jack Kerouac
C1 –Charlotte Carter - Six Months In Brooklyn
C2 –Patti Smith - Parade
C3 –Cliff Fyman - Coffee
C4 –Robin Messing - 3 Subway Poems (From "Temporary Worker")
C5 –Paul Violi - Whalefeathers
C6 –Bob Holman - Rap It Up
C7 –Allen Ginsberg - C.I.A. Dope Calypso
C8 –Anne Waldman - Lady Tactics
C9 –John Ashbery - Litany
C10 –Beth Anderson - I Can't Stand It
C11 –Rene Ricard - Rene Ricard Famous At 20
D1 –Barbara Barg - Chicks
D2 –Ned Sublette - Nice Young Mormons
D3 –Kathy Acker - I Was Walking Down The Street
D4 –Eileen Myles - Lorna & Vicki
D5 –Barbara Barg - So Fine, With Chassler
D6 –Didi Susan Dubelyew - Who Needs Exercise
D7 –Rochelle Kraut - New Born Sleep
D8 –Gary Snyder - What You Should Know To Be A Poet
D9 –Daniela Gioseffi - Eggs
D10 –Regina Beck - Message From Confucius
D11 –Bernard Heidsieck - Canal Street
D12 –Charles Bernstein - Wall As
D13 –Steve McCaffery - Viking Log (Part 2)
D14 –Ron Padgett Zzzzz


Obay said...

Thanks for this ;)

rev.b said...

Wonderful title, eh? One I’ve heard of but never heard. Player set to random. . .

Jonny Zchivago said...

Yeah, thats obviously a Giorno title. In the style of his 'Shit Piss Blood and Pus' poem. He certainly had a talent for titles did John.RIP.