Wednesday, 13 March 2019

The Fall ‎– "Live 1977" (Cog Sinister ‎– COGVP114CD) 2000

This almost unlistenable cassette,found at the back of a cupboard in the Cog Sinister Office,was recorded live at the Stretford Civic Centre on 23 December 1977, and features John The Postman on vocals for an encore of 'Louie Louie'; his signature tune.

It's also the earliest known recordings of The Fall, in the classic original line-up. For me this IS The Fall, and not the Mark E. Smith Band, which it was to become.
Notably, this was Tony Friel's last performance with the band,er.... sorry mark...Group. Whose departure was the beginning of the end of The Fall, and the start of Mark E. Smith and backing group.
Friel was the one who came up with the name after all.
The recording is pretty ropey, and noisy,with the vocals being somewhat over saturated,but its interesting to hear the early Fall being rather more 'Punky' than they had latterly intended.


1 Psycho Mafia 2:40
2 Last Orders 2:14
3 Repetition 4:42
4 Dresden Dolls 3:45
5 Hey Fascist 2:50
6 Frightened 5:22
7 Industrial Estate 2:23
8 Stepping Out 3:32
9 Bingo Master's Breakout 2:40
10 Oh Brother 4:10
11 Cop It 3:04
12 Futures And Pasts 2:50
13 Louie Louie (With John The Postman) 6:36


link rae said...

un très grand merci !

Anonymous said...

Sorry to see the demise of Zchivago's Disco Dystopia.

Thanks for all the great sounds.

Jonny Zchivago said...

Hi anon, not finished yet,the main man went on vacation and the replacement got confused,so i missed a show .Should be back to normal next month i think.

Philip Johnson said...

Sound quality aside, this is a pretty ropey performance. Note how many times he declaims the title of a song and the band don't quite start on cue. I suspect the Fall came close to just splitting up around this time, in which case their legacy would have consisted of Bingo-Master's Break-Out, the Electric Circus tracks, and well, this.

Jonny Zchivago said...

indeed its very unlistenable. If they had split up then! i'd have been very happy with that small legacy.Probably my fav Fall recordings, but this is the have there ever been any recordings of "The Worst" surface ever?