Wednesday, 27 March 2019

No Way – "Live @ The Beeb" (Rave Up Records ‎– EPS014) 2015

No way did No Way ever get to record at the esteemed BBC?
Yeah, BBC Radio Cleveland, not Maida Vale studios for Radio One.
It's now 1979 and one can't imagine local radio had a wealth of Post-Punk talent to choose from, I think Basczax were the only Post-Punk group on the block,but too ambitious to stay. Unlike No Way, who not only stuck rigidly to the 1978 template, had no ambition also. Remarkably this session was fossilized on the shelves of Radio Cleveland for 30-odd years.Luckily there was still some viable DNA left inside the dormant magnetic waves frozen within.Like a punk rock jurassic park, these tunes have been resurected to titilate the inner ears of the modern generation.
There is some unfortunate photographic evidence on the rear cover that No Way reformed,playing to half full venues of sweaty shaven headed ruddy cheeked middle aged 'Punx'.Something that shouldn't be encouraged,but if they enjoyed it so what.Just waiting for 'No Way', 'the musical' next.


A1 Breaking Point
A2 Crazy Carol Carter
A3 30 Seconds
A4 Senile Delinquents
A5 Jeopardy
A6 Possessions
B1 TV Pox
B2 No Reality
B3 Jealous Girl
B4 Idiots Delight
B5 Crazy Carol Carter #2
B6 Destiny

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