Saturday, 9 March 2019

John The Postman's Puerile ‎– "Puerile" (Bent Records ‎– Big Bent 1) 1978

Stoner,drunken reprobate and Manchester Punk ligger, John "the Postman" Ormrod (RIP), was around at an opportune epoch for the likes of himself.Anyone worth the label of 'Punk' were destined to get the chance to release product in 1978.
I don't think there has ever been a more descriptive title of an album,probably ever? Its full of Peurile nonsense, recorded by a bunch of stoned and drunken wasters in between fag breaks.
Mark E. Smith and Karl Burns of The Fall make a comeo appearence too, on backing vocals and percussion.
They seem like they're having fun anyhow.


A1 Louie, Louie (Version)
A2 Louie, Louie (Slight Return)
B1 Toothache
B2 Not Righttt
B3 Kawalski Of The Seaview Has Got The Best Hairstyle I've Ever Seen
B4 PJ Meets TD
B5 Flaming Aeroplane


Anonymous said...

This was actually MES's first appearance on record. FACT!

kevinesse said...

Ligger! what does that word mean to you? I've only heard it used derogatorily in regards to music fans! looking forward to hearing this

Jonny Zchivago said...

Now there's a FACT for you all.blimey.