Friday, 8 March 2019

The Record Players - "Singles and Ep's" (Wreckord Records) 1978/1981

The Record Players ‎– "Double C Side EP" (Wreck 001) 1978


A1 M.O.R.
A2 Don't Go Backwards
B1 Wrong Song
B2 Ignore Us

The Record Players ‎– "60-7 Inches EP" (Wreck 002) 1979


A1 Don't Give An Inch
A2 Squirmin' In The Vermin
B1 67
B2 Parasite City

The Record Players ‎– "Money Worries" (Wreck 003) 1981


A Money Worries
B Two Wrongs Don't Make A Right

I know next to nuffink about The Record Players,but I suspect they were from the Kent area of the UK.Tried to narrow it down by googling the 40 year old telephone code,but nothing popped up....its that old!
Facts aside, The Record Players had a string of foot-tappin'sing-a-long singles to rival The Buzzcocks;but, unlike their mancunian cousins, they didn't sell out to the fact, I doubt they even had an offer at all, being in the hinterlands of southeast England, and not trendy looking enough.The lyrics to "Ignore Us" seem to be slightly autobiographical somewhat.
They left us with some great tunes made in a pure DIY ethic,and without pretentions towards being Rock stars,or even playing rock at all.Ten UK DIY jangly power-pop classics,with an added sense of humour, that can serve as their headstone for a future generation.


bristolboy said...

Believe they were from Margate [Kent]

Philip George Martin [guitar voc]
Mark Addison [guitar voc]
Martin Horn [bass voc]
Gordon Larner [drums]

They also had 2 tracks on the 1982 VA LP "Hundreds And Thousands"

I can send A rip if you require it

Jonny Zchivago said...

That would be awfully nice of you. Could tag that onto this post for the completists out

Wolfgang said...

It's crazy what great songsmiths, virtually unknown, there were out there back in the days. Thanks for sharing this gem!

James Trash said...

I bought my copies of all 3 singles from Philip Martin via eBay for 99p each a number of years ago. All mint, though '60-7 Inches' had a repro sleeve. Love all of them, particularly the first EP. The sleeve for the first EP is screen printed onto paper from left over rolls of post-war wallpaper! It doesn't get anymore DIY than that.

The album listed in 'Volume' is confirmed to not exist.

friendsound said...

From Ramsgate (pretty close to Margate).

bristolboy said...

I've sent you the file from my Mylifesajigsaw account. It's on zippyshare [hope you can access it as UK address are finding it hard without a VPN]

Jonny Zchivago said...

Hi, cheers mate,got it no problem.