Friday, 1 March 2019

Thee Electrocutionists ‎– "Sorry: Not In Service" (Union Pole ‎– UP57) 1995

Another project that featured Phil Todd of Ashtray Navigations was Thee Electrocutionists. The sound is yer usual trademark effect laden fuzzy noise encrusted dark ambient fog, and the cover seems to predict the London Bombings of 2007. Although I do rember an IRA bomb doing the same in London, when an Irish Terrorist/freedom fighter was transporting a bomb which prematurely exploded, killing the idiot,and injuring a few passengers in the process.
I was, once upon a time, witness to the last IRA bomb on the mainland, a deadly Bicycle bomb!? Not quite as laughable as the underpants bomber,but laughable all the same.This lethal bike was spotted, casually chained to the railings on Brighton Pier! Why those vicious religiously extreme marxists. The bomb squad effected a controlled explosion while we all watched from the pub, and cheered when it went 'POP'!
The worst part of the evening was, whilst asleep in the hotel, the fire alarm went off, so we all thought it was the proper bomb this time and rushed to get our clothes on to escape this evil. Turned out that some twat was smoking in his room and set the smoke detector off!!!

A Untitled (13:45)
B Untitled (11:22)

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