Monday, 25 March 2019

Jandek ‎– "Camber Sands Sunday" (Corwood Industries ‎– Corwood 0800) 2009

FUCK!.....Scott Walker's just died!!! depressing!? goes on......
Hi-De-Hi, Ho-De-Ho, It's Jandek as a Pontins Blue Coat providing anti-matter  entertainment for the campers at Pontins Holiday camp, Camber Sands 2006.These holiday, concentration camps,were a relic from 1950's Britain, when the UK was skint due to World war two.Having spent all that stolen wealth from the empire in defeating Nazi Germany for everyone, austerity measures meant that no-one had any money.I notice that the bad guys in WW2 got plenty of free money from the USA...the uk got a massive loan which was finally paid off a few years ago...we should have joined the Axis it seems?)
These camps provided brief cheap light relief for the downtrodden populous,as portrayed in TV comedy classic "Hi-De-Hi"(hear Peggy from He de Hi mentioning Mercury Rev here).
Camber Sands was a Pontins holiday camp,and their 'Blue Coats' who entertained the public.Rival Butlins, had 'Red coats', and fictional camp, 'Maplins' had 'Yellow versions. In a desperate attempt to stave off bankruptcy, some bright spark thought of having an alternative music festival in the grounds, off-season;this was a major sucess, and even transferred its formula to the USA.
Also it provided an opportunity for an early concert from the newly 'outed' Jandek
This was at the "All Tomorrows Parties" festival, and sadly Jandek was on the DEVENDRA BANHART DAY, rather than the J.Macsis Day, alongside Eater! Oh No, he had to share the bill with nonsense like Bat For Lashes and Vashti Bunyan. Bert Jansch was also on the bill, and one can only imagine his thoughts on Jandeks guitar technique...he (Bert) died soon after this.
The Corwood Rep had various unnamed support musicians, trying their level best to out-Jandek each other, but it all adds up to a rather pleasant mess. He-De-Hi campers!


1 Pragmatic 11:24
2 The Crushed Image 8:45
3 The Idea Of You 11:19
4 Hair Of The Dog 11:05
5 Gone Waiting 6:37
6 The Rapture 8:56
7 My Party 10:53
8 Stolen Powers 7:09


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