Tuesday, 12 March 2019

Various ‎Artists – "The Disparate Cogscienti" (Cog Sinister ‎– COG 2) 1988

A compilation of Mark E. Smiths mates on his label Cog Sinister,including three John The Postman tracks that are surprisingly, rather good!? John had just returned from living in San Francisco by this time, so it must have had an inspiring effect on him.
Marks old DIY 'legend' mates ,The Hamsters, have a couple of tunez too, but you can get their entire unreleased back catalogue on Bandcamp HERE!
Industrial cassette making enigma, Phillip Johnson also crops up, with a musique concrete version of the Fall's infamous B-side manifesto, "Repetition".
The rest is a mixture of standard Indie (Beatrice),Felt-a-alikes (The Lowthers),a no-budget Gun Club (Obi Men),and tongue in cheek working mens club muzak (Mr A. Valler).
Wasn't 'God' that industrial metal group with Justin Broadwick and Kevin Martin of Godflesh fame within the ranks?...if so, they were once really good, or really God?
MES himself makes a brief, uncredited appearance, between sides, doing a reading over a bit of "Tempo House".


A1 –The Obi Men - Her Address
A2 –The Hamsters - Ole Spain
A3 –The Hamsters - Stupid Songs
A4 –The Lowthers - Sylvia
A5 –John The Postman's Peurile - Kowalski
A6 –John The Postman & The Legendary Lost - Come To The Sabbat

Interlude - The Fall

B1 –Beatrice - A Girl Like Me
B2 –God - Sounds Like Thunder
B3 –Mr. A. Valler - Mr. A. Valler
B4 –Andrew Berry - Unsatisfied
B5 –The Next Step - Pseudo Drama Time
B6 –Philip Johnson - One Forthy Three
B7 –John The Postman & The Legendary Lost - Work


The Editor said...

The Fuzzy Warbles compilation is not strictly speaking the entire Hamsters back catalogue but a compilation of a variety of Ian Moss lead recordings that we have released on German Shepherd records plus a couple of tracks from the CDr that came with his biography "The Man Who Killed The Hamsters". The Fuzzy Warbles release is also a limited edition cassette run. The entire digital back catalogue is available in various bits and pieces from www.germanshepherdrecords.bandcamp.com with the exception of the Sicknurse recordings which have been withdrawn from release due to a dispute with one of the ex-band members. Ian's current band "Four Candles" and his studio projects "The Parasite" and "Mistletoe" as well as projects with his brother Neil (ex Frantic Elevators) are also available. The main compilation of Hamsters music can be found at https://germanshepherdrecords.bandcamp.com/album/bloody-hell



Jonny Zchivago said...

well would you credit it!?