Tuesday, 5 March 2019

Performing Ferrets ‎– "The Ferretable Thing" (Dead Hippy ‎– DHC2) 1979

Well after all that mindless noise, its time to get back to some classic UK DIY and Outsider Punk, starting with Maidstones own Performing Ferret Band, and their classic post-punk pre-indie student pop sound. 
This being their debut cassette, of course recorded in glorious Mono, on the rather 'Punk' titled Dead Hippy label.
For more info check out their website (!)


1 Brow Beaten
2 Develop That River
3 Shoo-Shar
4 Morgan
5 Rouse Rouse 

6 Dut Dut Dut
7 Didn't Like Us So we didn't like them

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AB said...

Fantastic...I'm really looking forward to hear that. Hope you've more tapes to come. LP and 7" got reissued in 2018. Thx