Sunday, 10 December 2017

David Jackman ‎– "Crest" (Aeroplane ‎– AR02) 1982

Four foreboding noise drones for the modern gentleman, as released on a very limited edition C-20 in 1982 by David Jackman on his own Aeroplane label.
These days everyone has a drone project going on; but back in 1982 this kind of stuff could get a Daily Mail reader foaming at the mouth like a rabid ferret, warning about such ill-informed hyperbole as 'the death of civilisation'. Those Brexit voting cretins would be missing the point, because this non-music is all about philistines like 'Daily Mail readers' in their role as the real killers of civilisation........again.....Twats! A cosy cardigan slippers and pipe type of passive evil that their kind are!


A1 Crest
A2 Ember Hollow
B1 Grass
B2 Dawn Plaza

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