Monday, 4 December 2017

Paul Kelday ‎– "Beyond The Perimeters" (Self-Released) 1983

Paul Kelday was releasing self released cassettes of abstract electronica as early as 1974.Even using the much vaunted send a blank tape and a stamped addressed envelope system that was so fashionable at the height of the UK DIY era from 79-81.
This C-60 is still in his trademark BBC Radiophonic Workshop stylee, but also hints at a kinship with the Industrial scene. Probably one of his more listenable works full of wild analogue electronics.
If he was somewhere fashionable he'd probably be lauded as an avant-garde compostion genius, but, seemingly without any ego whatsoever, he remained in the shadows. Eventually,by the end of the eighties, he disappeared from the music scene altogether.Preferring a quiet life with his partner without Internet or Telephone, or Musical instruments. He stopped, and by Jiminy he meant it...very noble.

DOWNLOAD from beyond the perimeters of normal HERE!


Mrs. Inside said...

I'm loving all this Paul Kelday stuff! Thank you!

Jonny Zchivago said...

Yeah he was persistent. I like artists who hammer the same nail.....rarely in Pauls case the message never got through to the public.
I got one more cassette and a vinyl compilation of his work from sweden to go then i'm all Keldayed out!He does appear on an awful lot of compilations, eg Elephant Table, the international communications tapes, Integration etc

Vaykorus said...


schwarz said...

Amazing, thank you.

Anonymous said...

ICR have this & another Kelday record on their Bandcamp page. Free to download.

Feywer said...

I wish more of his material would come from beyond those perimeters! His discography has very interestingly-named tapes that - now that he is dead - can only wonder where most of them may be now. Perhaps lost to time.