Friday, 1 December 2017

Ian Boddy ‎– "Options" (Mirage ‎– M607) 1982

'Ian Boddy,composer, sound designer, DiN ambient music label owner & analogue synth aficionado', as it says on his official website; was another member of the British renaissance in electronic music in the 'Berlin School' style as made chart bound by german longhairs, Tangerine Dream.
Most of us would label this as'Ambient/New Age' these days, but its more than that.Especially when the sequencers get going.It has its repetitive synth lines that hit a chord in one's mind and body,and largely leaves the soft synth pads to the background.
I think one of the worst electronic inventions/innovations was the 'Polyphonic Synthesiser', especially when they got cheap.Up there with digital synthesis for awfulness.If music tech only stopped still at Monophonic keyboards that sounded like synthesisers, and drum machines that sounded like drum machines everything would be rosy in the electronic garden.
The temptation for Polyphony enthusiasts was to make terrible 'string section' backings for the otherwise excellent Lead synth lines; removing all breathing space in a recording by drowning it in emulated choirs and other orchestral pretentions.As annoying electronic sounds go, its up there with the Fairlight Orchestral Stab,and the DX7 Brass sound.
Non-Rick Wakeman Polyphonic keyboardists, also had a tendency to just rest their fingers on the plastic ebony and ivory keys and wiggle them about randomly,fed through a reverb unit and echo box, as if they knew what they were doing,which they patently didn't.
"Too many notes spoileth the broth", as the old adage goes; especially if you don't know what notes you're playing.
If you're ok with lush synth pads drowning out the good bits, then this is for you.  


A1 Corridors 4:43
A2 Karina 3:32
A3 Water On Stone 2:40
A4 Into View 3:18
A5 Skylights 4:05
A6 Silhouette 3:31
A7 Follow 2:58
A8 End Sequence 1:54
B1 Till Quiet Descends (Live 07/11/1981) 13:55
B2 21 Degrees 14:05 (Live 07/11/1981


Anonymous said...

"I think one of the worst electronic inventions/innovations was the 'Polyphonic Synthesiser'"

Right up there with your disdain of Midi as a shining example of you really not knowing your ass from a hole in the ground.

Keep up the good work, though.

Jonny Zchivago said...

Ha ha ha! I may not know what I'm talking about in your opinion, but also i don't think you have the slightest clue what I'm talking about either.

Anonymous said...

Department of redundancy department, ahoy.

Jonny Zchivago said...