Monday, 11 December 2017

David Jackman ‎– "Ritual" (Snatch Tapes ‎– tch 211) 1981

A lengthy C-7 release on Philip Sandersons legendary 'Snatch Tapes', by David Jackman, with some assistance by everyone's favourite DIY label owner.
For the need of a better word, this 'cassingle' was unlikely to trouble even the most obscure of charts with Snatch Tapes unlimited supply of 30.
Side A is like an ambient recording from the engine room of a small submarine of a small vessel passing on the surface above, accompanied by a swinging rope brushing randomly against an electric guitar.
Side B is the sound of that same small vessel grounding itself on a reef while the sub breaks apart in the depths.
A –David Jackman "Ritual" (3:29)
B –David Jackman & Philip Sanderson "Offshore" (3:28)

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