Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Paul Kelday ‎– "Expedition To The Barren Reaches Of The Mind" (DTW ‎– DTW 011) 1986

Come on this disturbing journey into the very,very, Barren regions of a Trump supporter or a Brexit leave voter's malfunctioning Brain.
See the naked racism and or Xenophobia, slooshing around with casual misogyny and outwardly mobile bigotry.
As for environmental issues, side B sums up very nicely what these intellectual minnows would like to do to any idea that could possibly help make the future more survivable for our children.Short-termism and political myopia reign supreme, while these largely decrepit old fogies slowly fuck up the lives of the young.
As immigration falls sharply in pre-Brexit Britain , leaving thousands of job vacancies unfilled; we have yet to see these proud 'little englanders' queuing up to take these mythical jobs that have been stolen by those dirty filthy Eastern European hordes . Mostly they(Leave voters,not eastern europeans!) are too fat, lazy, or old; missing their appointments at the job centre because their mobility scooters are on charge.

"Referendums are a device for Dictators and Demagogues"(Margaret Thatcher!(1975)...Nice one Maggie!

It all might have been different if the €60 Billion euro divorce bill had been put on the side of a bus methinks......to sum up.....Twats!
In fact this tape has far too much of interest on it to accurately represent the echoing emptiness in the mind of a Trump era brexshiteer; it should in fact just be the natural hiss of analog tape, like self cleaning urinals hissing their dissapproval.
Luckily the mind Paul is exploring here isn't the mind of one of these despicable morons, its the mind of an average human being from the minority rather than the moronic majority. So there are lots of interesting abstract electronic  sorties into the regions of the brain that are rarely stimulated.

DOWNLOAD to fill those barren regions of your mind HERE!


Anonymous said...

Bono is that you? Preach it brother..

Jonny Zchivago said...

They call me Boner.
I hope you're not one of the moronic majority who doesn't like anyone who don't live on your street stealing your jobs,claiming your benefits etc?

Andy R said...

Twats indeed!

Anonymous said...

"Trump supporter or Obama-ite" does it really mater in the end? Divide and conquer. Choose your side and let the dumb public continue to believe government will seek a solutions to war, poverty and greed......

Reimer said...

Lots of great posts on this blog. Hard to believe the generous fellow responsible is the age he must be to fit the back-story.

Jonny Zchivago said...

You find it hard to believe? I have to look in the mirror everyday!?....nah I look young for my age really....so they say!