Sunday, 31 December 2017

Andrew Chalk and Giancarlo Toniutti ‎– "Tahta Tarla" (Pans'urlo Panseri ‎– G:Rᵐ–>Rⁿ / 03Rⁿ) 1993

Silence is often louder and more disturbing than the visceral noise that Andrew Chalk began his career with as Ferial Comfine.
This tinnitus style collaboration with early Italian Industrialist Giancarlo Toniutti, is as disturbing as being confronted by your own hidden thoughts.
As it's our last post of this very....very.... crap year of 2017,it will give you a chance to reflect upon the tragedy of the rise of a new dark age of popularism. For the first time since the Berlin Wall came down, there's a real danger that we have leaders stupid enough to start a nuclear conflict. So savor what could be your last chance to say 'Happy New Year',no matter how ironic are those words or vacuous those tedious fireworks displays are , because next time, we could all be DEAD!


A Tienalauami(24:27)
B Warkswood (20:31)


Alan Burns said...

Happy New Year Jonny! Thanks for posing some Toniutti, I've seen that name mentioned, been wanting to hear him.

Here's to 2018, and B***it dieing on its arse. Not forgetting to raise a glass to the man with the most important job in the world - Robert Mueller. (thanks for posting that photo that makes me so proud to be Scottish!)


Anonymous said...

Indeed, Happy Year!
Many thanks for the astonishing range of music you posted in 2017! Looking forward to 2018 (the music on DOD, that is, the rest ... see your post.

Albrecht Koschnik said...

Indeed, happy new year!
Many, many thanks for the astonishing range of music you posted in 2017, so much great music to discover, rediscover, finally got to listen to, etc. Looking forward to 2018 ... your posts, that is, not the rest of the world (as you note in your post).