Friday, 29 December 2017

New Blockaders With Ferial Confine ‎– "The Final Recordings" (Dom Bartwuchs ‎– DOM BW 02) 1990

These are indeed the 'Final Recordings' of Andrew Chalk's 'Ferial Confine' project, but The New Blockaders would carry on to this very day.
Andrew Chalk would go on to make increasingly disappearing and quieter music as himself in the Dark Ambient arena; whereas The New Blockaders would carry on making the same old noise for the next quarter of a century.
As much as I love a nice paint stripping noise track or two, they do tend to chafe somewhat at the boredom threshold. Like Van Morrison has made the same LP every year for fifty years, the leading lights of the Noise/Drone scene are doing the very same, pointless exercise. Having said that, Pointlessness is the entire point of The New Blockaders raison d'etre, so I can't criticize them for sticking to their dogma like limpets,as I usually criticize artists for not doing this.......they just can't win can they?
I heartily advise making just one record then stopping.Then one cannot be criticized for anything of the sort,except for being a quitter.


A Untitled 17:06
B Untitled 18:21


Anonymous said...

Several times TNB have said this is the 'last one" and "we are done" - but no another release or re-issue follows. Who listens to it all - I doubt they do....?

W. said...

I doubt they do either - I know I don't.

But I do thoroughly enjoy reading DIE OR DIY? posts - long may they last.

Avant Garble Mixtapes said...

they are back. if they even left. hanging out with the noise boys you love so much. super neato huh. i wonder if anyone has asked them to do a split yet. lets ask them just in case they say yes. yes? noise splits are the new wave of the tubular tens. i will let myself out thanks for having these for us. ♥

Jonny Zchivago said...

"Come and listen to my Noise Project" is becoming as feared a phrase as when that idiot who brought his acoustic guitar to the party says..."Anyone Wanna Hear a Song?"