Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Storm Bugs ‎– "Table Matters" (Loop Records ‎– Loop 323) 1980

Snatch Tapes founder and frequent David Jackman collaborator, one Philip Sanderson, was, as if you didn't know, also in DIY Industrial duo 'Storm Bugs'. And to prove it here he is with Steven Ball,on their debut vinyl appearance on Loop Records, keeping Snatch Tapes purely cassette based.
Despite some Genesis P-isms in the vocals department, this is undoubtedly equal in 'old school' Industrial power as the best of our chums in Throbbing Gristle or Cabaret Voltaire; echoes of both can be heard here, mixed in with more than a pinch of Storm Bugs obvious avant-garde tendancies.
Its all chucked into the cake mix here, heavily effected vocals, found dialogue, repetitive tape loops,metal percussion, electronics and of course an overworked echo effects unit.


A1 Cash Wash 1:41
A2 Eat Good Beans 1:59
B1 Make Customers Matter 2:09
B2 Window Shopping 2:06
B3 Our Main Objective 4:44


Robert said...

Storm Bugs were so great. Thanks for this and for all the other things you share here.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for Storm 🐜

Anonymous said...

I think that on this one the 'music' is all by Sanderson and the sleeve by Ball but who cares anyway......great racket