Sunday, 24 December 2017

The New Blockaders / Coil / Vortex Campaign - "Dolbied" (Self Released) 1984

The New Blockaders with their Flemish cousins in Vortex Campaign, bring you more unadulterated Racket with chums, Coil adding something strange to the proceedings. I doubt Coil saw themselves as Nihilists, so that opens up the role of the noise and lack of conventional instruments to something other than the rigid dogma of the other Blockaders releases. As for Vortex Campaign, I know nothing about them, except that they are a couple of Belgian brothers,and,as far as I know, were never heard of that's proper 'Nihilism' in action. 


1 –"Untitled"
2 –"Untitled"
3 –"Untitled"
4 –"
The Melancholy Mad Tenant Part 1"
5 –"The Melancholy Mad Tenant Part 2"


Anonymous said...

Jonh Balance once commented that Coil / TNB shared similar 'philosophies,' Nihilism being one. As for Vortex Campaign, there is also the TNB / VC 'The New Vortex Blockaders Campaign' collaboration (originally released in 1984) and contributions to several compilations ('Slaughter Of the Innocent' cassette (1983), 'Le Couperet' cassette (1983), 'Channel X' video (1985)) and Mixed Band Philanthropist 'The Impossible Humane' LP (1987.) Also 'Optreden Zaal Opel' live bootleg cassette (date unknown.) They changed their name to The Orchestra Of The Obvious who appeared on the 'New Babel' compilation cassette (1986.)

Caitlyn / CPI said...

Thank you! There is a lot of notes on this one on discogs. Any chance you know which release it is?