Saturday, 23 December 2017

The New Blockaders & Vortex Campaign ‎– "The New Vortex Blockaders Campaign" (Self-Released) 1984

Vortex Campaign, were some kind of Belgian New Blockaders doppelgangers.Two brothers who make nihilistic noise compositions.But,unlike The Rupenus Brothers, they seemed to actually become 'nothing'.
The anti-music is the, by now, trademark grinding noise, but a tad less relentless than on previous releases.Those crazy kids!


A1 –The New Blockaders & Vortex Campaign "Kamtar & Rio"
A2 –The New Blockaders & Vortex Campaign "Mandrake Manfits"
B1 –Vortex Campaign "Godhead"
B2 –The New Blockaders "TNB"

DOWNLOAD and bypass the blockade HERE!

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